Our Philosophy


Our Finds

Since seeing Clouds Rest wines in the documentary "Pinot Noir, The Holy Grail of Wine", Caleb has made it his goal to find other incredible wines around the world and bring the experience of these vineyards and winemakers to Canada and Ontario.

The Future

We know the frustration of travelling to a wine region, tasting an incredible wine, learning the backstory and meeting the people who make it happen, only to come home to find we can't get it.  This is what the Great North Imports wine portfolio is built on, bringing these incredible finds home to be shared.

Private Orders

 It can be very difficult to find small producer's wine in Ontario due to them not being in the Provincial stores and this is a struggle Great North Imports has always had.  Private orders are the primary method to receive these fantastic, limited production wines.  Contact us to find out more.